Candelora Festival and S.Biagio

The Candelora Festival and San Biagio (2-3 February)

The Candelora festival, is exactly 40 days after Christmas and it is called the purification of Mary, because according to the Jewish tradition, after giving birth, a woman was considered not pure for the period of 40 days, and after this period she had to go to the Temple to purify herself. This festival is quite suggestive  because it is celebrated in the church of Saint Biagio, on the eve of this Saint's festival, with the distribution of little slim candles that traditionally are lit during storms and downpours to avoid the damage of lightening and hailing.

The day after, is the day the Catholic Church celebrates the Bishop Saint Biagio, guardian of the teaser's corporation and rescuer of sore throats, the people from Lanciano, go in a spontaneous pilgrimage to the church where the rite of anointing the throat is celebrated.

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